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out of the bus

by sue jeffers

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sgt bob washed down his sugar buzz from his chocolate glazed creme stick with another cup of coffee wiped the caffeine from his lips and lit another nicotine stick, took an antacid cuz he felt sick thinkin about us druggies neighbor joe awake and baked went looking for something to eat and alas, found nothing in the kitchen went to buy some chocolate stars and when bob stopped his speeding car and found green vegetable matter in a jar he decided to arrest him joe called up the office where some hempsters we were hanging out and he said do you think that you could help me i was speeding down on cherry street with a jar of weed under my seat and the cop asked if he could take a peek i decided i should let him i gave the kid a lawyers name and said if this should happen once again, you know there is that one amendment after he poured out his tale of woe i said where'd you get our number joe? he said on the back of one of those cards you know, that tell the police that they can't search me lawyer dave sat back and put his feet up on the desk and yawned again as he pondered the day's schedule pulled out his mirror and had a toot he had a new pothead to prosecute heading up the drug task force was such a hoot he could always keep is nose full joe's case was heard by mike the judge who earlier had finished up his lunch of some coke and a martini lawyer dave read off the police report and mike he cut the trial short so they both could go and have a snort and he found that joe was guilty so if you should go driving round with something that you don't want found you'd best remember there's a war on though mother earth provides the seed those in government call it devil's weed and they're just looking for some more stuff to seize so just say no can i please go now? copyright 1988 Sue Jeffers
last monday 02:28
a new year 04:07
well you have seen what you know thru hands that have held my words but you know in all have never reached the center of my world but when i turn around to put my eyes to the path that leads to here if you hear me laughing, know it means i understand, not that i don't care but i keep getting dizzy watching words from my mouth turn to words that i put in your ear turn round in your mind til they all turn unclear so i'm here on the floor with my beer while i'm trying to think with miles and months between what i haven't said, what you understand and what i might sing well you have seen what you know thru hands that have held my words but you know in all have never reached the center of my world but when i turn around to put my eyes to the path that leads to here if you don't hear anything, know i might not understand, not that i don't care copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
stones 03:47
well i came back up and i came back around found nothing was the same guess i knew that i knew that anyway and i made the run up to here from piketon in less than 4 hours but it didn't bring me back and i'm somewhere now the sky has turned black well i was high in the woods some 300 miles down from home when i felt you turn away guess i knew that knew you'd do that anyway you sent your words down thru the line said you loved me tho it sounded like an apology i made the choice to stay guess you knew that knew i'd do that anyway so i could scream into the trees or fall laughing to the stones decide this makes me happy but i don't want confessions of your sins against yourself, or her, or him or me i find guilt to be a useless feeling and i don't want apologies copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
i can tell that things are going bad i don't know where i went wrong but i'm beginning to start thinkin that you won't be mine for long last night i bailed out billy bob came home to find you gone i asked the kids bout were you was i even looked out in the barn my overalls they're dirty and the kids their clothes are black but each night you go out with that tide i'm not sure you're coming back you think i don't know what's going on you never used to be so clean but you've been doint laundry every night to wash out them same black jeans chorus: and i know thems the pants that you wear when you cheat on me them is the pants that you wear when you cheat on me you been wearing them so much now well you know they're fraying at the seems oh honey them is the pants that you wear when you cheat on me i hear that lonesome whistle blow and i know that you ain't home i checked the bowling alley and the bar and i'm feeling so alone my buddies, they've been laughing and momma didn't raise no fool since you got your ged well i know you ain't in school i tried not to be suspicious when my quarters disappeared i figured you were at the laundromat since they started serving beers but then i saw you in that pickup truck doing stuff that was obscene and hanging from the rearview mirror were them god damned old black jeans chorus: copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
it's about half past happy hour and i found my words for you seems you've been gone at least a week now i may have some problems with your truth and i'm going to walk down to the corner cause i know that you're not there i may find someone new to hang with first they'll probably have to grow some hair i went to work one morning came back your stuff was off the shelf i was thinking maybe we could have some fun guess i'm gonna have to do it for myself and then i'm gonna walk down to the corner maybe see if you got back in town and i may miss you for a while but then i'll buy another round i came to see you in your valley and i hiked all thru the mud the only ones home were the mosquitos stayed just long enough to lose some blood now i'm gonna walk down to the corner and i'll probly look for you tho i know you're not in town and if you are you're not alone i just got nothin else to do you asked me once if i would marry but i knew you asked cuz you were just too high may be the best we had between us was it didn't mean enough to make me cry i tried o tell you bout my theory i guess i never got it right all that time i thought we were hanging out as friends seems you had me auditioning for a wife and now i'm gonna walk down to the corner cuz i know you're not in town yeah, i may miss you for a while but then i'm gonna buy another round copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
fall 03:51
father's day 06:15
and i find myself at the ground you know one thing about down here i got nowhere to go but around and to look for why i ever would fall down foundation cracked you know it crumbled almost without sound and i can't imagine why why you seemed to be so damn surprised when you put your share of hits in then turned around and ran maybe to wait til i come back up i know it's time that i come back up i will come back blah blah blah..... but i always thought i'd be stronger than this i always thought i was stronger than this i always have been stronger but i never have been anything like this copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
jan 22nd 05:02
now i see another morning's come and it means, means a year has gone since i paid my money and made my choice lost my friend, lost my voice now i say it's good to see the dawn now i see another snow has come but i've already spent too long now feeling cold and i made my journey and took my chance got to the floor and i forgot the dance but while i was feeling like a penny on the tracks you came and picked me up and you brought me back and you made me feel made me glad to see the dawn i remember one time praying in the rain was asking for direction they said said offer up your pain but i convinced myuself that's all i had and i made my choice and didn't take that path so now you see, it's good to feel the sun now i see another day has gone and it means, means another year has come and we create our own reality and i'll take that responsibility but that doesn't mean we have to make it all alone and if you need somebody i'll be there to help you home and to make you feel make you glad to feel the sun copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
and again 04:45
and again i feel what i want to say still i just play for you see when i lost my way i hoped you would find me on my way back well i know that i've not been much fun lately sorry, i just came undone tried to be so open i just fell in two hoped you would pull me back to myself but its not the first time that i've been down on this floor and i have to find the vision that i followed out before cuz all of kent's buses and all of her freeks couldn't start to put together my reality and today the storm came in waves i watched the sun thru the grey long since lost my balance and i fell into a field i could still make out the rainbow thru the hail and you know i'm just playing again the things i should say to you but it seems that lately i have just been numb and all my feelings lost behind my tongue well i know we've been thru worse shit but this time's not been the best i've been spending all my energy trying not to lost the rest can we move to something else now have you fucked away your fear? i know we didn't come this way just to end up here copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
well so now what's next we all have those we'd rather not forget so what what do you expect from me what do you expect? of all my friends there's so many who just walked out in the end and there's been times to be safe that i probly would have left by now but so you know i'm not going anywhere no place else i'd be but now the sun is round and i'm finally coming down there's things round here i'd rather just not see right now so i'll close my eyes and be so now what's nesxt i don't know what to expect this time so what i know i can connect with you i'll just wait and see so my friend, i don't have the words but i don't want to pretend that i haven't made a choice there's no way i would have left this time i'm not going anywhere no place else i'd be but now the sun is round and i'm finally coming down and there's no one else i'd rather have beside me now as i close my eyes and be copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers
well you said my guitar is my passion but i smashed that on a log threw it into the fire and watched it burn now it's hanging on my wall and you didn't understand me y'all thought that maybe i'd gone mad and i can tell you now if it hadn't been for that guitar probably one of us would be dead and as i recall, it wasn't me i had in mind at the time as i recall we weren't being all too kind so i left. i left my inspiration lost my icepick somewhere in a branch but you should still keep in mind just cuz the words you say are true ain't no excuse to be an ass but i thinnk we have recovered or at least we had up until today but if you start to act that way again i may have to go away and i could go for maybe ten days at a time but you already know, i'll stand by you til you die in my heart you are my meaning in my mind sometimes just a curse thinking back to the time that we first met i don't know which of those is worse and i guess i have to sleep alone the cats they are walking on the sheets i'll try to keep in mind if we always tell the truth there are times that we're bound to disagree and while i know you're going to do what you think you have to i'd much rather be out on the road back in the bus with you copyright 1996 Sue Jeffers


released August 8, 1996


all rights reserved



sue jeffers Ohio

Sue Jeffers is a folksinger in the finest sense of
the word, in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and
all Woody’s musical offspring. Her career has
spanned more than thirty years.
Songs give power to movements. If you believe
in solidarity forever, Sue Jeffers’ Up With the
Masses will inspire you, embolden you, and
connect the struggles of the early 20th century
with our.
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